New Baby Checklist: 5 Tips When Travelling With Baby Overnight

Travelling long distances as well as overnight with a baby in tow can be quite hard. However, with proper planning, you should be able to do it in a breeze.

Here re some things that you need to put on your baby checklist when you need to travel with baby:

  1. Make sure that you have everything that the baby would need n your diaper bag. This would include diapers, baby wipes, bottles and formula
  2. Pack extra receiving blankets as well as extra baby clothes. You would also need to take with you burp and bib clothes.
  3. If you would be driving, make sure that you have a rear-facing infant car seat. This should keep your baby secure during the entire travel.
  4. It is advisable not to travel with your baby alone. That way, should you need a hand in changing baby’s diapers diaper bagor feeding her, you would have someone to help you.
  5. Make a number of stopovers to allow your baby to “stretch” out. This could also be your time to do some stretching yourself especially if you would be the one driving.

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